Engaging & Motivating Through Art

Since January 2022, Creative Youth Network has been working in partnership with Learning Partnership West on a school’s programme in five schools and one half term programme in South Gloucestershire. Working with the schools, the programme supported young people to understand their rights and choices, gain new skills and build in confidence whilst taking part in a ten-week programme of workshops about anti-violence, and graffiti art sessions.

Graffiti had been chosen by each of the schools as the positive and creative activity to engage the students in. Whilst developing skills in the artform, the groups and individuals in them used creativity as a way of discussing experiences with violence, how it’d affected them and how to avoid it in the future.

The programme aimed to engage, motivate and increase attendance in school whilst providing a positive activity and youth work to support the individuals. 

Online Creative Showcase

This online showcase celebrates the achievements of the students, shares with you the artwork they created and celebrates their work.

Click on the logo of the school below to see the gallery of images sharing the achievements of the students from the school.

Kingswood Workshop

Achieving Positive Outcomes

This project’s aim was to intertwine our expertise and knowledge of the sector and of the local area to pilot a programme that: 

  • supports individual young peoples' needs
  • delivers positive activities and interventions to reduce the risk of violence and disengagement in school 
  • supports the young peoples' wider community for long term interventions including working with the families and providing training for the schools

The project achieved some significant outcomes and supported the young people to:

  • Gain Skills and Knowledge
  • Build Positive Relationships
  • Improve Self-Confidence
  • Understand Rights & Choices

What the young people thought about the workshops...

We want to be able to talk to more people that understand us and what it’s been like for them. Omari was really easy to talk, you get it.


Talking to you is different [than talking with teachers] and helped me to understand what the issues are and how to keep safe. Omari understood what I was saying.


Can we have more of the workshops? The talks we have had have really helped me.


My son has come home so happy and proud of the piece of work he completed today with the two workers. He is chuffed and so am I. Thank you so much.

– Quote from a parent whose son had been referred to the half term programme

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