Full Circle

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with our latest sub-contractor Full Circle, which will help us deliver youth work in St Pauls, as part of the Youth Investment Fund programme. 

Full Circle @ Docklands is a grass roots organisation which strives to promote inclusion and provide essential support to the St Pauls community. Full Circle is at the heart of St Pauls community, having spent over 30 years building strong relationships with young people and their families in the St Paul's area. They engage hundreds of young people each year and help them develop their skills and build their confidence.

We support Full Circle's ethos of celebrating the diversity of St Paul's and working towards the inclusion of all groups and cultures within the local community.

Full Circle @ Docklands is pivotal in the St Pauls community, we are delighted to be able to partner with them. Young people are at the heart of the partnership, the shared experience of both organisations will be pivotal in building long lasting relationships with young people based on trust. It is these relationships that are the key to helping young people, define their goals and reach their own potential in the long term. 

Sandy Hore-Ruthven, Creative Youth Network CEO 

Both organisations are very excited with the opportunity to learn from each other's practices, with the aim to improving inclusion across all our work in the city and providing young people with the very best youth service possible. By sharing resources we will be able to reach more young people and have more impact.  

The funding provided by the Youth Investment Fund allows us to offer our young people new experiences, opportunities and activities so that they can grow, learn and fulfil their full potential. By working in partnership with Creative Youth Network, we are able to invest in our youth service which will not only benefit our young people, but will benefit the wider community by allowing our young people to aspire to a higher standard of living, contributing to the economic and social vibrancy of the city.

Danielle Ferguson, Trustee of Full Circle

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