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The Courts is an amazing project which is turning the Old Bristol Magistrates Courts into an enterprise centre to help young people, no matter their background, race, beliefs, gender, physical ability achieve and explore their creative potential.


The majority of The Courts team is women! Which is rare to see in a project like this. The Courts project brings together women from many different sectors such as Construction, Architects, interior designers, engineers and a cohort of their apprentices!

The percentage of female directors, senior managers and workers in the UK construction sector is only 13% and that figure has not changed over the past 20 years. The remarkable thing about the Courts project is that all senior managers, apprentices and officers are women!

So, without further ado, let's meet the women behind The Courts:


The Project Managers:


I’m the Courts Project Manager at CYN, I’ve been at the charity about 10 years but on this project since 2021. I manage the delivery of the design and build phase of The Courts on behalf of CYN ensuring that the vision for The Courts is realised. This involves working with the youth advisory board and internal team in all decision-making, managing external consultants and contractors, overseeing the project budget and representing CYN in all aspects of the capital works. I’m a bit of a heritage nerd so really love working in such a beautiful building and excited for what The Courts will eventually offer to future creatives. It’s a great project with a really great team.



With my background in construction, I support The Courts project and CYN team with all things administrative. It is an interesting and varied role, covering all areas of the project, such as arranging meetings and site visits; finance; marketing; document control and being a central point of contact for enquiries.



“I am a Project Manager from Faithful+Gould and I’ve been working with CYN on The Courts project since October 2018.

 Initially, I helped CYN compile and submit their application for NLHF funding. After we were successfully awarded the funding, I managed the procurement of our contractor, Bray & Slaughter. Now that the construction is underway, my role includes authorising payments, managing change, monitoring risk and generally keeping track of actions across the client team. The Courts is a complex and challenging project, but it brings me great joy to be part of a very strong team who are successfully breathing new life into a fascinating piece of history, ensuring this building can continue to inspire awe for generations to come. “


The Architects:


Nuria Garcia is an architect at Purcell. She began working on the project in April 2021 as an architectural assistant, which led to her qualification as an architect in November 2022.  Her work includes supporting the lead architect in the development of the technical package, coordination of consultant and contractor information, preparation of statutory submissions and liaison with statutory bodies.






Clare Phillips (right) is a conservation-accredited architect and associate at Purcell. Clare has led the design team since 2017. Her responsibilities included overseeing the design development as well as the coordination of the work of the various consultants involved in the project. This was complemented by her participation in various consultation workshops with the client’s Youth Advisory Board.




Emily Bull is Creative Youth Network’s Head of Creative and oversees all our work to help young people access creativity and find pathways into the creative industries.



Amber is our Youth and Community Inclusion Officer working with our Youth Advisory Board.

Emily and Amber are creating the vision for The Courts, ensuring young people are placed at the heart of decision making from the Business Plan to the look and feel of the building.


The Apprentices:


I’m the marketing apprentice for CYN! My role within The Courts project is showcasing the court’s progress, youth involvement and general comms to reach different audiences such as potential partners/tenants and funders. It’s an honour to work with an amazing team of women and to be a part of this extraordinary project.



I’m Zoe, I’m the digital marketing apprentice at Bray and Slaughter. Helen is my manager and following her guidance, 

I create promotional material and have been capturing images as the project has progressed. I have also designed signage for the front gates of the site.

 The courts project was one of the first projects I became involved in from starting at the company. 

This historical goldmine is a great project to be involved in and I am honoured to be witnessing its restoration to its former glory. 


I’m Beth and I’m a business admin apprentice at Bray and Slaughter. My responsibility at the courts is to assist the site team with their day to day tasks and complete administrative objectives. 

I enjoy working with the project team and engaging with the wider team of designers.  I have never worked on a building site before ad feel lucky to work on a project which is steeped in history and a building that has lots of character. 

Honourable Mentions:  

   - Theodora, Marketing & Bid Coordinator | Purcell

 - Daisy, Marketing and Communications Manager | CYN

 - Rosie, Head of Fundraising and Marketing | CYN

  - Helen, Business Development Manager | Bray & Slaughter




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