There are lots of ways of looking for jobs and each of them has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are the most relevant ways of looking for jobs.


These days the majority of jobs are advertised online and employers want people to apply this way. There are plenty of job searching websites but some of the main ones are:

All apprenticeships are advertised on the Government apprenticeships website:

There are also some other specialist jobs websites such as:

When searching on these websites it’s a good idea to make an account so you can upload your CV and cover letter, and keep track of which jobs you have applied for. Then if you get offered an interview, you can go back and see what the job is. Don’t forget to tailor your cover letter and CV to the job though!

To narrow down the jobs you see, search for keywords such as ‘retail’, ‘labouring’, ‘IT’ and use the filters to select the location, distance you are willing to travel and full time/part time – or else you will just see everything, most of which won’t be relevant to you!

In person

Some employers still prefer to receive CVs in person, so it can be a good idea to print off a bunch of your CVs (recommend 10-30) and cover letters and take them round. Make sure they look neat, stapled together or in a polypocket/envelope and you are dressed smartly. When possible, try to always speak to the manager so you can be sure your CV has reached them and give them a good initial impression.

Job fairs

There are often job fairs around Bristol, where employers who have vacancies will hold a stand for you to speak to them and find out more. This can be a good place to take your CVs along too. Keep an eye out here for future job fairs.

Recruitment agencies

There are over 100 recruitment agencies in Bristol, some of which are generic and some of which are specialists in particular fields (eg. IT jobs, construction jobs, driving jobs).

If you sign up to a recruitment agency they will hold your CV and details and put you forward for jobs that come up. This can sometimes be short-term temporary work, and sometimes longer term. Recruitment agents do not work for you, they work for the employer who hires them to find them the best person for the job – so it is not guaranteed they will find you a job.

Sometimes they have access to jobs which are not advertised to the general public, and there can often be a quick turnaround with employers wanting immediate starts. It can be a good idea to be signed up with a few recruitment agencies as well as job searching elsewhere, to keep more options open.

If you need help looking for a job, come by our Job Club or ask for one to one Careers Advice

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