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Writing has always been my favourite creative outlet. The power of words cannot be understated, and for me, it is the easiest way to present my own thoughts and ideas. I've tried and enjoyed many different types of writing, from essays and news articles to poems and short stories. Recently, I had an idea about finding love and having the courage to express that feeling, and I thought that a poem would be the best way to share it with others.

Then I’ll Meet You

In my world of greys, I have no shade for you.

No stone, smoke or shadow,

Flint, iron or slate

Could paint

The way I see you.


You’re beautiful.


Through the window I watch you go,

Wistfully walking across a sandy beach

With sun-kissed skin,

Eyes tinted golden

And hair flecked yellow,

With a voice so mellow

I can barely hear you calling,

Calling out my name,

From the island you named paradise.


Pacing ‘round my room

I stare at the four walls around me,

Trying to figure out when the

Empty space became so bleak.

There’re never been true love here, not really,

Just the deepest lead and purest snow

That stand opposed, intangibly alone.


And as I gaze between each,

Both out of reach, they seem to be

Mere hues that blend like smeared dreams

To create the same grey

That makes up my world.


Here, love is charcoal;

A secondary product of our grey lives.

There is no fire in our hearts,

Just the burnt-out wisp of a spark once part

Of who we were in technicolour

(When we could be happily in love with one another).


To the day which simmers in rising ashes of hope

I look for humanity’s hand, near or far,

Whilst to night I plead to my last dying star

To let me be with the one I love most.

Then one cloudless eve

You stand by my window,

Leaning forward against the ledge

With your golden eyes fixed on mine.

Behind the sky’s pink and purple

And blue seas sweep the world aside

So I just see you

And no one else.


We both have pride but you can’t see mine,

You say “come out with me”

And hold your heart close at your side

So that I may run to it -

But still I hide behind glass ‘til i realise

That you can see right through it.


You talk softly to me,

Your lilting voice saying sweet somethings

About a place where you want to take me:

A distant island not far beyond my reaches,

Where love is not crimson

But an array of tinctures, warm and bright,

Kaleidoscopic shades full of kindness

And the grey is just a foggy mist lost in my mind.


But though I try

To fly like a dove

With you as my olive,

To a place where peace is a nice shade of blue,

And every flower in bloom reminds me of you,

I can’t leave my grey world behind -


Not yet, anyway.


So I sit on the stone wall

And wait for the uprising,

Not for when my heart is reprieved

For I will leave behind my closeted truths, one day -

To knock down the ancient, crumbling walls

And outrun the grey as it bleeds out down below.


And then I’ll meet you -

There by the kissing gate, at the end of the rainbow.


By Chloe, 16

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