Summer holidays 2020 Creative Showcase

Our Creative Courses regularly bring together young people aged 11-16 from diverse backgrounds, in community settings across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. During the summer holidays, we delivered two online four week courses, meeting on Zoom to develop new skills and developing resilience through creativity. 

Creative practitioners delivered Performance and Fashion courses, enabling young people to express themselves creatively. We hope you enjoy the uplifting and inspiring work you can find documented below.

Well done to every single one of you for finding inspiration and expressing yourselves and your emotions through performance and fashion!

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The group have made a face covering over the last four weeks and through doing so have learnt brilliant new sewing and embroidery skills. None of the group had much experience of doing this before and they have done an amazing job getting on with it from home under the guidance of Becky, the Fashion tutor.

The young people cut the cotton fabric out using a pattern and constructed it using binding and elastic. They then designed a motif for the face covering which has enabled them to express themselves through certain themes. From the drawn out design they embroidered the motif onto the face covering using different stitches. You can see from the photos how individual and unique each face covering is.

Congratulations everyone and we hope your brand new face masks bring smiles when you're out and about!





Hannah  Chloe

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