At Creative Youth Network, we have many great ways for you to get involved and raise money to support vulnerable children and young people.

You can use our simple online tool to put on a fundraising challenge, event or activity. 




Here are some ideas to get you started on your fundraising journey:

Personal challenges

Set yourself a personal challenge to raise funds for us. Is it running a marathon, cycling a long distance, learning a new skill that you'd fancy doing? Whatever works for you! 

Sports events 

  • Sponsored CycleSet a target, 5k, 10k, 15, 20k! Challenge yourself and have fun! You could do this as a group, or record your cycles on Strava and upload your time to challenge your friends.
  • Sponsored footballGet five friends together for a game of charity five-a-side, charge everyone a £1 to play and a £1 to watch, and donate all the proceeds to charity!

    Creative events

    • Fancy dress dayGet your colleagues or schoolfriends to donate £1 and dress up for the day! Set a fun theme, and make sure to take pictures. 

    • Book saleAsk your colleagues to donate all the books they don't want anymore, then host a book sale at work! You'll make sure no books get thrown out or left on a dusty shelf, and find yourself something new to read. 

    • Host a talent showGet your work/school/book club mates to participate in a talent show. Ask people for a voluntary contribution for to come watch. A great way to raise money and show off your creativity!

    Community events

    • Hold a quiz! Charge £1, £2, £5, whatever you feel, for entry. You could do this in person or virtually. Make sure you decide on a fun prize for the winner!
    • Coffee morningBake some cakes and put the kettle on! You could hold this at home or at a community centre or cafe. Ask people for a voluntary contribution or sell your homemade treats!

    Whatever you'd like to do, we are grateful you're supporting young people!

    Molly is here to help with any questions:


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