"A tonne of feathers" has enabled us to develop paid opportunities for emerging talent in Bristol. Meet the young artists who are working with young people in small targeted groups to get their voices heard, and our Creative Youth Network team who will support them on this journey.

Miranda Collis

I am a multi-disciplinary artist based in the South West of England, my concepts materialise through painting, drawing, three-dimensional work and hand drawn animation.

I wish to communicate something of the bittersweet experience of looking backwards, inwards and into other realms. My work aims to conjure the joy, sorrow and mystery of our lives and memories, the surreal nature of humans at play, granting intimate access into the complexities of the human experience. A fragmented narrative is constructed, a visual language that is charged with sensation in a realm where words don’t always matter.

Art personally becomes an aid or substitute to verbal commentary for me and I look forward to using its illuminative nature in collaboration with others as a platform for social action and expression.

Qezz Gill

Qezz is a Content Developer based in Bristol. Expertise in photography and film, her work lands on empowerment and redefining tired narratives. The photo series she shoots are visual stories concentrating on themes of identity, BAME experiences, and youth culture.
She has worked on projects that are in relation to creative hubs like Watershed Cinema, Rife Magazine, Bristol 24/7, BBC New Creatives, Fourth Floor Creative and Ujima Radio.

Emily Thomas

After studying Illustration at UWE Bristol, I am now an Illustrator/Visual Journalist who enjoys engaging with current topics of interest.

My personal work revolves around direct observation and discovery, and I have a great interest in things that go unnoticed and unseen. I love to fully investigate a subject by interviewing individuals and recording environments through sound, photography and drawing. I love to tell stories of the people I draw, and create work that has a real impact on social change. 

Heather Gibson

Heather is a Bristol based, queer creative specialising in embroidery and creative producing. Since graduating from Bath Spa and working with Boomtown, she has recently turned her attention to all things HAG. Currently working to complete her residency with Artspace Lifespace at The Island in Bristol, she is creating large-scale tapestries and videos in hopes of raising money for rough sleepers in Bristol.

Enamoured with difference and all things abstract, her focus lies within correcting misrepresentation and promoting social change. Working to amplify the voice of the ‘outsider’ within her own practice, the opportunity to work with the Creative Youth Network is a dream come true!


Sasha Damjanovic

My name is Sasha and I'm an LGBTQ+ designer living in the South of England. My work has a cut n paste quality, using type and repurposed photography. The power of collage lies in the ability to modify narratives and intentions of existing imagery to demand social change. I combine the traditional nature of DIY collage with digital tools on image editing software to bring the old into the new through graphic design.

Ada Player

Hello! I am Ada, I am currently a student at Bristol University, on work placement with CYN. I have a background in Clowning, before moving to Bristol I studied at L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier, a clowning school outside of Paris, and during my studies I have been lucky enough to train with Spymonkey in Music and Clowning.

Both of these schools' philosophies embrace play, pleasure and failure. I found that the friends I made at the school and at the workshops are some of the strongest friends I have. The simple thing of playing with someone, or revealing your vulnerability through a failure of some kind, creates a mutual connection, and that connection is rooted in your life in a different way to others. Play and failure are also exciting attitudes to creating art and performance that open doors you wouldn't even dream of opening through more intellectual-ised methods.

Beth Adams

Hi! I'm Beth and I'm currently studying Theatre and Performance at the University of Bristol whilst on a work placement with CYN. I tend to focus my work around disability and accessibility in theatre, and making sure we're creating room for underrepresented voices in our communities.

Thank you to Comic ReliefArts Council England and Unity Theatre Trust for funding this project.

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