The podcast course allowed the young people to explore different themes that they are interested in, including films and computer games. They have created unique and professional informative podcasts.

The young people started by researching and listening to podcasts that they enjoy to see what they could take from them. They then learnt skills in writing, recording, interviewing, editing and producing to create their own. They chose music and sounds to bring their podcast alive and also created an image as a cover for it.

Unfortunately due to changes with exams this term some of the young people were unable to complete their podcast. Well done to Oliver, Natasha, Kacie for taking part.

Daisy said, “I found it really fun, because if I did it by myself I wouldn’t know what to do but the tutor explained it all.”

The courses theme this term has been #CreativeYOU, our campaign which champions the right of every young person to access creativity and development opportunities in the creative and cultural industries.



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