During the 10 weeks we looked at the theme #CreativeYOU, the theme unconsciously linked into everyone's work.

Young people made Tabletop Puppets, also called Bunraku style puppets. They are built with moving joints and move similarly to real humans. There is generally a handle at the back of the head and sometimes short rods at the elbows and feet. We carved and sculpted out of different types of foam to create the face, hands and feet of their puppets and made simple joints using foam pipe insulation and leather to make movable joints so their arms and legs move. We then covered the foam using muslin and papier mache using brown parcel paper.

Everyone was free to create what they wanted to using themselves as inspiration. All their puppets costumes were hand made too, using distinctive patterns to fit their individual puppets by hand sewing and using a sewing machine. 

Isabelle, Lewis and Jess all have a real passion for animals and nature. They got inspiration from this and created Tabletop Puppets that resembles their love for animals, we have a Cat, a Monkey and a Hamster character.

All of the young people used their imaginations and creativity to create wonderful characterful Tabletop Puppets. They were free to explore and express what they wanted, with no limits to their imagination this led to three amazing creations.

From Anna the Creative Youth Worker:

It was amazing to work with you all, in my eyes you are like three musketeer puppeteers!

Thank you for all your hard work and taking part in my Puppet Making course, it has been so much fun for me getting to know you all and seeing your progress during the course.


Our #CreativeYOU campaign champions the right of every young person to access creativity and development opportunities in the creative and cultural industries. 



Lewis' puppet



Behind the scenes Lewis making his puppet:

Izzy's puppet


Jess's puppet


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