About Rain Work

Rain works are designs which come to life when it rains. They brighten people's days and put positive messages in the world. Using a hydrophobic coating through stenciling on concrete, an image come to life.  

Our workshops

These workshops are led by young artists on our Creative Futures programme. They are happening on two days: Monday 29th October and Tuesday 30th October. We recommend you take part in both workshops to get the full experience of making a rain work. 

We'll talk through ideas of positive messages, what you want to put in the world and how we can make Bristol's day better even when it's raining. You'll work in groups to come up with your designs, guided by artists. Then you'll start stenciling and by the end of the workshop we'll test and make your stencils come to life. 

Come join an enthusiastic group, have a fun couple of days making and exploring ideas. 

This workshop is for 13-18 year olds and do get in touch if you've got a group you'd like to bring along. They are free and lunch is provided.

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