Teenfest is an important night for young people in Bristol, giving a rare and, for many, precious opportunity to get together with friends, have a good time, and experience some of the fun of a festival in a safe space. 

Although we do not organise the event, we do host it at The Station.  We therefore go through a rigorous process.  We ensure that the promoter instructs artists to play radio friendly versions of songs as heard on Radio 1 and other stations.  To ensure the nights are safe, we also have a team of youth workers available who can provide support, advice and guidance on a whole range of issues – something that no other club venue offers.  

The nights are important in attracting young people that we are looking to work with. We know that this event is enabling us to meet with, and support, vulnerable young people that others have not been able to reach. 

Parents are, of course, concerned about the music their children listen to.  We take seriously the choice of artists and seek to balance the need for relevance with young people, and the concerns of parents and carers.  We believe this approach results in an event that young people enjoy in a safe environment where they can also get support if they need it.

We are always open to the views and suggestions of young people, parents and carers and other stakeholders, so do let us know if you think we can improve the process we go through with Teenfest.

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