How do we portray the human body and what can we express through it?

This exhibition showcases the work and experiments created by visual artists Maisie Evans, Sam Empower and Rebecca Jo Lesley, who are part of our alumni. Each artist has taken their own stance on how to portray the dynamics of the human body and what can be expressed when using it as a subject.

Exhibition details

When: 5th December - 10th January

Mon - Friday, from 10am - 9pm, Saturday 11am - 5pm

Where: The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG

This exhibition is free. To enable us to support more young artist to exhibit in a city centre location, you can make a donation to Creative Youth Network.

Maisie Evans

As a self-taught practitioner, Maisie Evans is learning about the different creative processes. She enjoys the journey of working on a project and developing her skills more than focusing on a final product. Her work concentrates on the relationship between people and patterns. She is currently developing a series of life drawing sketches into geometric prints using the female form as a starting point, along with this body of work she is displaying a photography composition that was created for her Gold Arts Award in 2017.

Sam Empowers 

Sam Empowers uses his imagination in a spontaneous and meditative way, changing the process over time. As his beliefs evolve so does his work, creating unique and surreal imagery. The human form and nature have always been themes in his practice:

They often flow through one another creating surprising imagery and feelings or thoughts. My work may seem dark, but it just flows through creating a peaceful state of mind within me. This process also helps me to accept what appears.

Rebecca Jo Lesley

After studying at Central Saint Martins and AUB Rebecca worked as a costume trainee for film and television. She began painting oil portraits in 2016 and received a small development fund from the Arts Council through Resource Productions' Creative Collective. 

She later joined the Creative Youth Network Alumni which led to her being a UK Artist Ambassador at the EU’s Intellectual Property Office for two years. After her solo exhibition ‘Rebirth’, Channel 4 television's Random Acts commissioned her to write and direct a short surreal film as an expansion of the project. The film was screened at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Levile TV listed her as one of the top rising filmmakers living outside of London in 2018.

Rebecca has exhibited and taught workshops in Romania, Croatia, London and Bristol, including the Royal West Academy of Arts Annual Exhibition in 2018. Her upcoming residency and solo exhibition at the Arts Mansion in Ashton Court during February 2019 hopes to move towards a more surreal and macabre approach to figurative realism.

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