The Courts are opening, and young creatives have been at the heart of it every step of the way. From the Youth advisory board to event programming groups, young creatives have made important decisions that have really shaped what The Courts have become.

Let's meet some of the young creatives behind shaping The Courts:

Roux Tom Esmee Chantel




Hiya! My name is Esmée and I am behind the posts you’re currently seeing! I am super excited to be working with The Courts project as they are doing an amazing thing by revamping the old magistrate/crown court, into an exciting creative entrepreneur hub!!

Creative Youth Network do amazing things for the community and for the arts industry. What I love about them is that they are working to keep creativity alive and run courses for young people and take care to be super inclusive for people who are from marginalised communities and have difficult backgrounds.

My personal creative voice includes spirituality and queerness! I work to process difficult emotions and life experiences and transmute them to light and peace through painting, tarot reading and dancing. I also love running workshops, you can find me over at


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