Want a little break? Come to our group; make new friends and have fun with different games and activities.

We are a safe space where you can relax and share worries with trusted youth workers and other young people. Sessions include, cooking, sports, games, relaxing and talking to a trusted youth worker. 

These sessions are for 11-19 year olds. Depending on where you live in Bristol, we have local sessions you can join. They are all free and we have food available, as well as crafts materials and we regularly organise free trips.

Our sessions are for anyone who is affected by caring responsibilities. You don't have to be on the official young carers register to access this service.



Wednesdays, 4-6pm


Bedminster Quaker House,

Wedmore Vale, BS3 5HX

Should I book? 

These are targeted sessions, so get in touch before you come in.

Get in touch

Contact Sam on 07741 628 735 or on [email protected]

In partnership with

This session is part of the Targeted Youth Services programme in Bristol and is funded by Bristol City Council.

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