After the event we got in touch with our keynote listeners from decision making positions to write a pledge to young people. 

These pledges are a way for our keynote listeners to give themselves actions in response to what they have heard at the event. 

Donna King, Avon & Somerset Police

  • One of the roles of the PCC is to hold the police to account. We pledge to listen to young people's concerns about the police and take these on and look for ways to build the trust you have talked about. It is especially important to hear from young black men because we know that you are affected differently, disproportionately and with a lasting impact that isn't often acknowledged.
  • Our Violence reduction unit has a Board made up of leaders from the Police, education, health and the local councils. We pledge to reach out to the young people here today to help inform our Board on an ongoing basis.


We are still in the process of collecting pledges from some of our keynote listeners. 

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