Meet Sam

Sam will be looking deeply at the self and connections. He'll be exploring this through internal portraits and sculptural plant pots.Read more

Meet Aliyah

Aliyah shows us how to make a socially acceptable cup of tea. On Creative Futures, she'll explore identity & culture through performance, visual art, sound and installation.Read more

Meet Polly

Polly will be running workshops with young members of the traveling communities, exploring history and the portrayal of Travellers within art.Read more

Meet Rediat

Rediat's working on series of digital paintings inspired by ancient Abyssinian’s art.Read more

Meet Marcin

Find out more about Marcin's new piece of work, exploring our relationship to human anatomy and its aesthetics.Read more

Meet Ryan

Ryan's bringing game design to the table. Find out more about the world building he's doing on Creative Futures and his work with us.Read more

Meet Emma

Emma's a performance artist putting together an imaginative piece which examines the way we establish connections to where we live. Find out more about her work with us.Read more

Meet Josh

After studying music, Josh found himself wanting to explore more creative outlets. Find out more about his work with us, exploring the physical aspect of music and the process of archiving.Read more

Call out for creatives: Site specific performance

Are you 18-25 and want to be part of a creative team putting together a site specific performance this Nov? Come join Emma explore our connection to the places we live in.Read more

About Creative Futures

Find out more about Creative Futures, our programme helping young emerging artists working in all artforms aged 16 to 25, especially those who are experiencing barriers to accessing careers in the arts sector.Read more