Creative Futures

We are looking for 4 young artists for part-time employment as freelance emerging artists for this 6 month long opportunity.Read more

Film Making

11-16 and interested in film? Discover the secrets of the industry, get inspired by professionals and learn how to direct, produce and edit your own films. Read more


11-16 and can't get enough of fashion? Come and get creative and learn new tailoring and sewing skills from industry professionals in a relaxed environment.Read more


11-16 and love taking pictures? Learn all about photography, develop a portfolio and get the chance to exhibit your work at The Station. Read more

Music Production

11-16 and mad about music? Learn how to create and produce your own tracks, work with professional DJs and musicians and get the chance to perform your work to the public.Read more

Creative Space

16-20 and want to develop your creative portfolio? You can get the support you need from professionals and use the art facilities at The Station to further your career. Read more

Creative Careers: Game Design

16-25 and out of work? Do you have a passion for gaming and want to learn how to design? Come and get the skills you need to make your own game.Read more

Creative Careers: Multimedia, Performance and Storytelling

16-25 and out of work? Do you have a passion for storytelling and want to be in a creative environment? Come and get key skills in performance, film and public speaking.Read more

Creative Careers: Music

16-25 and out of work? Want to work with a professional music producer who can show you the best way to get in the music business? Come and develop your own sound. Read more

Creative Careers: Fashion

16-25 and out of work? Want to learn more about upcycling, visual merchandising and styling? Get started on your portfolio and get practical experience. Read more

Creative Careers: Photography

16-25 and out of work? Want to take professional quality images? Get started on your portfolio and exhibit your work now. Read more

Creative Careers: Performing Arts

16-25 and out of work? Interested in creating and performing theatre? Create a brand new show with director Nick Young and The Bristol Museum. Read more