Creativity in Lockdown | Creative Showcase 2020

Our Creative Courses regularly bring together young people aged 10-16 from diverse backgrounds, in community settings across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. This term was different for all of us. Not being able to meet in person in our youth clubs, we had to adapt quickly. We met on Zoom and were still able to make connections, using creativity to explore difficult topics with young people and build much needed resilience. 

This summer term, our Creative Youth Workers delivered Animation, Textiles and Puppet Making courses to over 30 enthusiastic young people from across the region. We hope you enjoy the uplifting and inspiring work you can find documented below. It really has shown us the importance of creativity to wellbeing during this difficult time.  

Young people have also achieved their Level 1 Bronze Arts Award qualification. 

Well done to every single one of you for finding inspiration and expressing yourselves and your emotions through animation, puppetry and textiles! 

If you love these young people's work as much as we do, comment below! And if you're a young person who took part in the courses, tell us what was your favourite thing about taking part! 

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This term we looked at different animation styles and techniques to improve our young animators skills. With everyone working from home, this gave us the opportunity to work on longer projects and really perfect some of animations trickier techniques, like facial expressions and walking cycles.

Everyone had their own unique style, sharing films using the SeeSaw platform, the group could watch each others films and make helpful comments.

The result was many short films displaying different technical challenges. Each young person chose their favourite to showcase which is what you can view here on the website. 

We also had lots of fun with some group animations, since we were all together on a screen, this lead to some creative ideas for ‘Pixilate’ animations!

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