The poem ‘A manic undergoing' resonated with my experiences of various healthcare settings, particularly the sensory side of things. The chaos of the harsh lights, noises (from constant beeping to sudden clangs or crashes) and voices become so overwhelming that it leaves me wanting to curl up, blocking my eyes and ears to escape. This piece is from a series of sick bowls made in 2018. 


About Anna Rathbone

I am a multidisciplinary artist/maker of things based in Bristol.  I have worked on various projects with Rising Arts Agency, Creative Youth Network and Travelling Light theatre. I am passionate about access and inclusion and am especially proud to be Assistant Facilitator with the first youth theatre for d/Deaf and hard of hearing young people in Wales (run by Taking Flight Theatre).

Instagram: @anna.makes.stuff

Facebook: /TakingFlightYouth 

“In case of loss, please return to:” is a selection of poems beautifully illustrated by Alice Barkwell and complemented by a series of creative responses from eight other young artists. Check out the full exhibition.

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