The Plasticine dream is about a change in outlook in relation to money. Inspired by 'Starve' and 'The Few' and it's themes on the struggle for success, the difficult journey trying to rise to the top, conformity and greed. Both these poems also hint at social change, which resonated with me and influenced my writing.

About Biff Singleton

I'm an actor and writer based in Reading. I Studied at East15 acting school in 2017 and since started 'Youphoria'- a community theatre company creating shows and workshops for schools, with fellow alumni Olivia Caw.

As well as writing and producing poetry videos I also co-write and produce comedy shorts with James Bridge under the name 'Wasted Creatives' on YouTube.

Poetry: Youtube

Instagram: @biffsingleton

Wasted Creatives Comedy: Youtube

Twitter: @wastedcreatives

Youphoria info: [email protected] 

“In case of loss, please return to:” is a selection of poems beautifully illustrated by Alice Barkwell and complemented by a series of creative responses from eight other young artists. Check out the full exhibition.

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