Sharing with you four newly commissioned pieces by these emerging and talented artists from Bristol. Taking place over 3 days, Lauren Jeffrey and Katie Copeland’s exhibitions of paintings, film and text-based work will be open daily, as well as two evenings of performances.


Mon–Fri, 1.30–6.30pm, free ticketed event

Wednesday, 7–8.30pm, tickets start at £2

The Station, Silver Street, Bristol


I’m Actually Fine. By Harry Creffield

Does your brain LOVE music, but HATE you? If the answer is yes then KEEP READING!! I’m Actually Fine is a bizarre and cathartic live musical-comedy show written and performed by comedian and singer/songwriter Harry Creffield. With each song exploring different mental health issues, Harry dares to ask the question “Is everyone’s brain broken, or just mine?, with soon to be classics like “There’s a Crab in my Brain” and “Body Dysmorphia? (Or Do I Just Look Like S*it?). 

Written & performed by comedian & singer/songwriter Harry Creffield, ‘I’m Actually Fine!’ is a live musical comedy show where Harry asks the question “Is everyone's brain broken, or just mine?”.

Harry Creffield is an Actor, singer/songwriter & comedian from Weston-super-Mare and currently living in the gorgeous land of Fishponds. 

'Faces for Radio' By Joe Topping

'Faces for Radio' is a brand new radio sketch show written by Joe Topping and will be performed by some of the funniest people he could get a hold of at the last minute. ‘Fast paced, hilarious and world-changing’ are just some of the words Joe has used to describe his sketches. So, bring your friends to watch the live recording of this ‘beautiful, moving and genius’ show. (Again, his words).

Written and performed by Joe Topping and company. Joe is a Bristol theatre maker and actor.

Exhibiting artists:

Lauren Jeffrey

I (Lartist) am a portraitist working in acrylic paints. In this work-in-progress series, 'Colouring in Music', I am exploring the concept of synaesthesia. Synaesthesia translates to 'perceive together', which means experiencing one of your senses through another, such as seeing colour when you hear music. When I paint the portrait of the musician, I listen to the musician's albums. The colours are selected from the music and reflect how I see the music; my emotional, physical, and intuitive response. The biggest challenge is not thinking. I am looking to get into a fluid state where I instinctively choose the colours and marks I make.

At the exhibition, there will be an interactive element for the viewer, where the viewer can listen to the musician's music while looking at the painting of that musician. Therefore, the viewer can experience what I experienced while painting. The purpose behind the exhibition is to facilitate the opportunity for the viewer to connect colour to sound, to see if they can tap into that part of their brain, gut and emotions. 

Lartist is a 24-year-old portraitist living and working in Bristol. Lartist previously showed her work in East Street Emporium, and she hopes to continue to develop this series for an exhibition in the new year.

Katie Copeland

After The Thought

After We Move

This work was produced by Katie Copeland. Katie is a choreographer, theatre maker and aspiring playwright. The work was initiated from the thought that we can only think, move, create from what we experience around us. Each poet has written from their thoughts and experiences. Find out what initiated their ideas to write. Alongside the poems are four short, work in progress films from four of the poets, a different outlook and creative element to each poem, filmed and directed by Katie.

COVID safety notice

This is a COVID safe event

We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that this event is COVID safe and that your health is our priority. Therefore, we’ve taken the following steps and ask that all audience members attending kindly follow them:

  1. Proof of a negative test within the last 12 hours or a COVID passport will be required on entry to the festival.
  2. Face coverings will be mandatory unless you are exempt, in which case proof will be required.
  3. The venue for the festival is and will be well ventilated, which a heated and covered outdoor area to sit in and enjoy the festival.
  4. There is the option to attend online from the safety of your own home, in an online gallery and live streams of the evening performances. Live stream tickets can be purchased here on our website.

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