The poem that this piece represents was Sun rays. I really loved the idea of the colour contrasts described within the poem and knew I wanted to make a piece that mirrored this. The line “This monochromatic land of orange, red and yellow” was something that spoke out to me first and I loved the idea of enjoying that last bit of sun in the day. It is such a magical feeling.

As soon as I read “now a monochromatic land of grey and black” I could instantly see such a stark contrast between the colours and is something I wanted to explore in the piece. I loved the idea of that quiet, darker interior space against such invigorating colour and vitality felt from the outside and hope this piece achieves that.

About Jazz Potter

Jazz Potter is an artist who creates imagined dreamworlds. The artist’s enquiry into colour and pattern began through her practice between lithography and paint. The work centres around the idea of colour and form escapism in lived and ambiguous space. Enjoy the vibrant and lively patterns in her work and immerse yourself into the mood of the space she is creating. You might not want to leave.

Instagram: @jazz_potter09


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