The self-made feeling of not being enough is something I’ve always grappled within my life to date. Since my early teens I have often felt huge amounts of responsibility for those around me and this often creates really complex situations in my head. Alice’s poem ‘Not Enough’ struck a chord with me. It highlights the beauty that comes from simple thoughts, simple aspirations and simple moments, making me reflect on my recurring inability to take time to enjoy stillness.

After reading, I went on a long walk, trying to notice the unnoticeable. The detail in the dirt. This is what then inspired me to write a piece of music in response. I chose to use my Daruan, a traditional orchestral Chinese instrument, as it has a beautiful simplicity and clarity to its sound.

About Joe Hill

Joe is a musician, composer and interdisciplinary artist who specialises in creating social and environmentally focused work. You’ll find him at the intersection of art and tech, crafting sounds in novel and playful ways, with music making at the core. Joe has a strong work ethic and skill for producing unique and emotive music. He is a current resident at the Pervasive Media Studio, a Rising Arts agency young artist and has collaborated with numerous prestigious organisations in Bristol.


Soundcloud: Joe Hill 

Instagram: @joehilljoehill 

“In case of loss, please return to:” is a selection of poems beautifully illustrated by Alice Barkwell and complemented by a series of creative responses from eight other young artists. Check out the full exhibition.

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