Our one-to-one support and targeted group sessions have helped this young person build confidence and positive self-belief.

Taking steps to be your authentic self is intimidating. Having a youth worker there to support them, regardless of their situation or circumstance can be beneficial to a young person’s future and help them reach their potential.

I have learned that not everything I think is 100% true and I am more confident than I first thought I was.

A young person recently came to Creative Youth Network to help build self confidence. Owen, our targeted youth worker, has worked with the young person for eight weeks, giving valuable support and advice. By practising wellbeing techniques together to nurture confidence and improve mental health, the young person has now established ways to face fears and test out negative predictions about the future. Owen provided one-to-one sessions to help this young person build enough confidence to reach group sessions. By taking part in the group sessions, the young person has been empowered to make friends and flourish as an individual.

Having a few months of youth work to support my wellbeing has really helped me reach my goals and has helped me work on different thoughts. It has completely changed some of the ways I think about myself and my ability to do things like speak up more in school, perform my creative pieces in drama class, and perform music in front of my family which I never would've done before. When I started, I could not get on stage without panicking and asking to leave class  I am now starring as the leading role of the Prince in the school play. Thank you.

The young person has built confidence and is now equipped with necessary wellbeing tools to improve mental health. The young person’s wellbeing has improved dramatically since starting the course, and we are proud of this young person’s incredible journey.


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