Creative Youth Network supported Lexi through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to combat the symptoms of depression and low self-worth she had been experiencing, helping Lexi to develop healthier habits and a positive self-image. 

Lexi was struggling with obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours, she was referred by one of our TYS Youth Workers to a Wellbeing Practitioner for support with this.  

Her intervention with the Wellbeing Practitioner was successful, Lexi managed to reduce her compulsive behaviours and combat obsessive thoughts. However, she confided that she had been experiencing low mood since the start of the pandemic. This was affecting her ability to engage in schoolwork and hobbies that she used to enjoy.  

After a conversation with the Wellbeing Practitioner about her different options, counselling, youth work support, groups, Lexi could make an informed choice, deciding low-intensity CBT would be her best route. The Wellbeing Practitioner was able to refer Lexi for CBT support with Creative Youth Network.  

Lexi set 4 goals for herself; to stop self-harming; to engage with her lessons more; to spend more time with friends and family; and to spend more time practicing hobbies she enjoyed.  

The counsellor working with Lexi used Lexi’s interest in theatre to guide their discussions around self-harm. They focussed on reinforcing Lexi’s positive self-beliefs, setting tasks each week to identify Lexi’s character strengths.  Building her self-esteem and motivation helped Lexi to find healthier coping strategies such as exercise, social connection, and a sense of achievement. 

Her low mood had resulted in self-neglect, so she worked on trying to increase the frequency of cleaning her teeth, showering, and washing her hair – things that can seem daunting in the face of depression. Lexi saw the benefits of doing more things that mattered to her and as a result her mood significantly improved.  

The most important thing I have learnt is to do more of  the things that help me get more out of life, e.g., language learning, spending time with friends and family, swimming, going for walks and fashion, as well as how basic self-care can help lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself. 

- Lexi


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