As a post graduate who is trying to navigate a world filled with career pressure and hustle culture, I often find myself criticising my choices, feeling guilty for not striving for perfection, and trying to keep up with others. Alice’s poem, “Not Enough”, perfectly sums up how I imagine most young people feel about starting adult life. About making important choices. My piece of work focuses on the stigma of “low skilled” primary sector work and the people who choose these roles as a career. I wanted to try and capture how under appreciated these workers are and how it is okay to desire a simpler way of life.

About Morgan Shipley

I am currently working as a graphic designer, but I also have a passion for art direction and styling. My work tends to comment on, and respond to, social issues and classism. I love starting a project with a loose concept or a spark of inspiration. To develop and visualise all of the elements, then bringing the piece to life by combining digital and physical techniques.


Instagram: @morgandesign_

“In case of loss, please return to:” is a selection of poems beautifully illustrated by Alice Barkwell and complemented by a series of creative responses from eight other young artists. Check out the full exhibition.

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