Are you 16 - 17 years old and looking for an adventure?

This is your chance to make a mark! NCS is a unique experience, where you'll take part in exciting activities (hiking, climbing, orienteering, film making and music), make new friends and build skills for life and work.

You can choose to start your FREE NCS programme on the following dates:

  • 13th October
  • 21st October (half term)
  • 24th October (half term)
  • or 3rd November 

NCS isn't only an unforgettable experience, but it also adds value to your CV. UCAS recommends students to include NCS in their personal statements. You gain skills employers are looking for, and also valuable life skills (such as time management, budgeting, communication, planning & team building). 

What will I be doing? 


Challenge yourself with this adrenaline fuelled three day residential. In your group, you'll get to go to South Wales, to our residential centre Fedw or to the Quantocks, Somerset. With a range of outdoor and creative workshop facilities, you'll be part of a programme of hiking, canoeing, orienteering and also explore your creative side through film making and drumming. 


When you get back home, the adventure doesn't end. 

As a group, you'll be inspired by local community leaders through three days of visits to exciting Bristol organisations. You'll see how social change happens at grassroot levels through the visits, while developing valuable skills: leadership, communication and teamwork. 

Make a difference

Now it's the time to make it happen. 

You'll choose a cause you care about and start a group project of 30 hours of volunteering and campaigning over several weeks. You'll spend this time on days that suit you, doing everything in your team, from planning and organising, to achieving your set goals. 


You've done it! 

After achieving something truly inspirational for your community, we think it's fair to repay your hard work with a big celebration. NCSers, family and friends come together to celebrate your achievements at the graduation. 

Sign up

For more information and to sign up, contact [email protected], 0117 204 7338 or fill in the NCS Equiry form

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