Creative Youth Network’s aim is to make sure young people can express themselves and be heard, so that they can influence the decisions that affect them, within our organisation as well as wider society.

Creative Youth Network Believes That…


  • Every young person should have the support and opportunity to unlock their potential, and to have their voice heard, no matter their background


  • Young people should voice their own ideas, decide how their projects will run, and only involve adults if they absolutely need to


  • Often, young people are left out of the decisions made surrounding youth charities, clubs, and services, even though these services are made for young people. This needs to change.


  • Decision making from young people is important because it helps youth charities, services and clubs become better for those who need them.


  • When young people make decisions, it increases their confidence and improves their mental health.


Creative Youth Network Pledges to…


  • Make sure that young people are included in the decision making across all aspects of Creative Youth Network, at the highest level possible.


  • Let you know what we are planning to do with the ideas you give us, and share updates on how we're progressing them with you, every step of the way.


  • Make sure your voice in will be included in helping decide who we hire, what activities we do in our youth clubs, and our plans for the future.


  • Support you to bring forward change not only at Creative Youth Network, but in greater society.


  • Support you to carry these skills into college, employment, and beyond.


How Can I get Involved?


  • Speak to your youth worker about your idea, project, or event you want to hold. We want to help you make your ideas a reality.


  • Join the Youth Voice Panel. This is your place to share your opinions and ideas on matters that impact you and create the projects and events that you are passionate about. 


  • Come to a Youth Voice event, such as We the 33%, where you can collaborate with other young people, and engage in workshops, activities, and listen to what others have to say. 


  • Get your friends involved – team up and find out what your voice can do.

Download Our Full Youth Participation Strategy 

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