When we first started working with Amber, she had been out of school for a year due to poor mental health. She was very badly bullied at school and developed body dysphoria and an eating disorder. She was diagnosed with depression and given medication. She was very socially isolated, not leaving the house and struggling with anxiety. Amber had one friend who she had met online.  

“It was really scary to meet Orla, my youth worker. It was really nice of her to come and visit me at home, as I wasn’t feeling able to go anywhere then. Even though I felt awkward and really anxious, Orla was so friendly, and she took an interest in me and my hobbies. She paid attention to what I needed and didn’t push me into going out straight away.  

"I really love bowling but I was really nervous about going and being around other people. I didn’t think I could do it, I thought I’d have a panic attack, as I had before. But Orla was there every step of the way, she picked me up and on the way we talked through what was making me afraid. She taught me that there are negative thoughts that many people have, and that it’s ok to talk through it.  

"After that first time going out bowling, I felt like I could do anything. Then Orla took me to so many fun places and having her there gave me the confidence to try new things. We went to Forbidden Planet, to Bristol Museum and the Zoo!  

I really like talking to Orla. She listens when I tell her about how I was bullied in school and she helps me understand how that means now I think differently about myself. We chat about my feelings and with her, I feel safe, like she doesn’t judge me, she’s just there to help me. I never had someone who’d point out the good things about myself, and now I feel I can see a bit better the bits of me that I like.  

The best feeling ever was when I went out with my family to eat out. I didn’t think I’d ever be comfortable enough to go out again, but now I’m feeling more confident than I have in a long time!”  

Amber’s mum said: 

“I just want to say thank you. You have no idea how happy it makes me seeing Amber doing things she never thought possible”   

Amber is now in Hospital Education and she’s had her first lessons in art. She discovered that art helps her with her mood and we’re putting her in touch with an art therapist to support her. We are grateful we were able to support Amber in taking a significant step towards regaining her independence.

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