This term on the Art Course we have been having fun and learning new creative activities. During our group zoom sessions we have been learning briefly the history of Mandala Art, the benefits of it and where it originates from.

We have been doing some Dot mandalas using different found objects around the house, drawn mandalas using ink and pens, and experimenting with using nature and found objects to create effective and quick Mandalas to make from home, we have looked at abstract mandalas to very detailed ones globally.

During the first term in our 1-2-1s we focused on making individual Dream catchers and during the second term we learnt how to make 3D willow structured light lanterns using willow and covering them with wet strength tissue paper each with individual designs on them. We also did some printing using Coloured tissue paper that bleeds onto paper when wet, we had lots of fun seeing colours merge and also experimented with resist printing using this technique with masking tape.

Thank you so much to you all for joining the course this term it has been so much fun teaching you all, I have loved seeing all your creations as the weeks have gone by and you have all done absolutely incredible and it has been truly inspiring for me to see such magical, colourful and wonderful work from you all. Thank you so much! 



I learnt how to make a willow lantern and a dot and nature mandala. I really enjoyed the relaxing mandalas and also about the history and traditions of the art form. I liked my end product with my willow lantern and I chose a leaf and flower combination to decorate it with that goes well with the plant theme in my room.



I enjoyed making the mandala on the rocks and dot mandala



I really enjoyed my art classes, I learn new techniques and learned a lot about mandala art. The trip was amazing and I am looking forward to start new classes next term. Thank you very much for your time, patience and the " Heart" which you put in to our classes.



My favourite piece was making The colourful tissue paper.
I have enjoyed creating different things.



I enjoyed making lantern and the Art Course.



In the course we have done mandala art we have made dream catchers and light lanterns my favourite part of the course was our trip where we trialed these quiz books based on the story of witches I thought it was very clever.


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