Over the past five weeks, the young people have learned through participation. Exploring contemporary music production techniques such as drum programming, using midi controllers to play a variety of software instruments and samplers.

Using a microphone, they recorded their own sounds to creatively use as samples in their own composition.

During each session we listened to various styles and genres of music, and discussed why they sound like they do and what it is about each genre that they like. The young people created a collaborative Spotify playlist called ‘CYN Diamonds’ which we added to each week with a new set of songs they had been listening to that week and are inspired by.

The young people explored different themes and collaboratively wrote a song which they composed, performed and recorded as a group. This included lyric writing, playing percussion, singing, rapping, playing keyboards and guitar.

In the final session, they worked together and used their new skills to record live each element of their own song ‘Monsters’ which you can hear on this page.



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