Brook Tate is a Bristol based young artist - he is a painter, composer, creative writer and singer. Brook's work captures people and characters in a fun and imaginative way, finding stories behind the faces he sees. 

In this digital exhibition, we are sharing different facets of his work, giving you a glimpse into his multifaceted practice. 

Brook will be taking over our Instagram account throughout the month, sharing creative challenges you can do at home to brighten up your day.  

Meet Brook


Scroll through the gallery below: 


You can purchase signed fine art glicée prints of the above paintings on Brook Tate's shop 

Children's books

Brook's short picture book stories are a delight for children - illustrated and recorded as audiobooks with accompanying music, you can enjoy these pocket-sized delightful wonders at your leisure. 

Mr Maglump

Mr Maglump is a musical based on a story Brook wrote for his two nieces. It was developed in collaboration with the literary department at Bristol Old Vic. Brook developed the story into a musical, writing and composing music on the piano, teaching himself the instrument through the process. 

My Great Giraffe - Bristol Old Vic

My Great Giraffe is a fun, encouraging piece which encourages us all to focus on the silver linings in life. Developed with Bristol Old Vic, it includes a life-size(-ish) puppet which Brook took with him to visit patients at The Children's Hospital in Bristol, bringing smiles to their faces. 

Make your own giraffe

Do you want your own Martha to hang out the window during the claps for the NHS each Thursday? Follow Brook's tutorial below. 


Brook produces music teetering between folk and soul, with influences from around the world. 

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