by Sarah Selby

Decoded explores the social implications of technology and the blurred lines between our digital and physical existences through this mixed media installation. 

By bringing the digital world into our physical space, it highlights the often absurd aspects of our online lives. From the flurry of messages you receive every day, to the real world impact of online behaviour, come and see it all come to life in front of you. 

You'll question the decisions you make online, the parts you choose to share and the ones you hide. This series of thought provoking installations will leave you with an enhanced awareness and a critical eye towards our relationship with technology. 

Software development collaborator Joseph Allen. Concept, hardware and software by Sarah Selby. 

Event details

9th - 11th January, 12am - 9pm 

12th January, 10am - 5pm

The Island, Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2LE

To find the gallery, follow the signs to here, now

All ages welcome.

Unfortunately this exhibition can only be accessed by steps.

This is a free exhibition. 

This event is part of here, now - a programme of exhibitions, installations and performance created by young emerging artists from the Creative Futures programme.

About Creative Futures

Sarahis part of #CreativeFutures, our programme for emerging young artists. Creative Futures enables you to reach your potential, giving you the skills, networking opportunities, studio space and professional business support you need to turn your passion into your creative career.

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