here, now is a programme of exhibitions, installations and performance created by young emerging artists from the Creative Futures programme at Creative Youth Network.

Come and discover: 

  • what it’s like to look death in the eyes
  • questions surrounding the way we interact with technology
  • the calming powers of contemplation
  • half-forgotten spaces in the web of memories

Creative Futures is a programme supporting 16-25 year olds who are ready to launch their professional career as artists, but may be facing barriers to doing so.
Young artists receive free studio space, mentoring, business support, employment as freelancers and a commission to make new work.
These events are the final sharings of the new work made.

What's On

here, now is on from 8th - 12th January at The Station and The Island. 

Decoded by Sarah Selby

This series of thought provoking installations will leave you with an enhanced awareness and a critical eye towards our relationship with technology. 

Dear Lady Death by Tom Meadley

Diagnosed with leukaemia at 21, Tom spent seven months in isolation. There he met Lady Death. When he found the courage to look her in the eyes, he discovered that she was not a monster, but a teacher, a lover, a friend.

The Shape of Contemplation by Nick Fogarty

A magnified fragment of the collective unconscious. This video installation invites you to relax your mind and tune into the restorative, calming powers of contemplation.

home by Melissa Cooney

home presents an imagined, half-forgotten space developed from Melissa's memories of all of the different colours, textures and patterns that filled her past.

Untitled mess by Anna Rathbone

Anna expresses herself without words, using collage, illustrations and found objects. In this installation she plays with scale and pattern to map her experiences of things that just don’t make sense.

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