by Nick Fogarty

The Shape of Contemplation is a magnified fragment of the collective unconscious. This video installation invites you to relax your mind and tune into the restorative, calming powers of contemplation. 

In developing the project, the artist made a model for conversations based on shapes: triangle, square and circle. The participant creates an arrangement using the shapes, which then guides the conversation. The questions always relate to challenges, transitions and seasons. 

Come and see what you experience when you glimpse into other people's unconscious mind. Are we individually experiencing patterns of collective experience? What would happen if you heard your concerns about the challenges and transitions of life reflected back at you? 

The Shape of Contemplation is part of the artist's pursuit of understanding the self through philosophy. It accompanies The Shape of Conversation, the model used for guided conversations into the unconscious mind. As he goes forward, he follows new ideas which he wants to develop into an alternative way of interpreting the world. 

Conceived and curated by Nick Fogarty. Director of photography and video editor Ben Yaman.

Event details

9th - 11th January, 12am - 9pm 

12th January, 10am - 5pm

The Island, Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2LE

To find the gallery, follow the signs to here, now

All ages welcome.

Unfortunately this exhibition can only be accessed by steps.


This is a free video installation and the total running time of the video is 1h30min but you are welcome to stay for as long as you'd like. We have limited space available and there can be up to 6 people viewing at the same time. 

This event is part of here, now - a programme of exhibitions, installations and performance created by young emerging artists from the Creative Futures programme.

About Creative Futures

Nick is part of #CreativeFutures, our programme for emerging young artists. Creative Futures enables you to reach your potential, giving you the skills, networking opportunities, studio space and professional business support you need to turn your passion into your creative career.

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