by Melissa Cooney

There are parts of our lives that we don’t remember clearly - details that slip away, are covered up or added to, until they take on an entirely new form, a whole new experience.

home centers around this idea, and through combining media such as photography, embellished with layers of embroidery, a new space emerges: an imagined, half-forgotten space developed from the artist's own memories of all the different colours, textures and patterns that filled her past.

Come and immerse yourself in these captured moments and be transported to another time.

Event details

9th - 12th January, 10am - 6pm

The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG

All ages.

Free and open to the public - no tickets needed.  

This event is part of here, now - a programme of exhibitions, installations and performance created by young emerging artists from the Creative Futures programme.

About Creative Futures

Melissa is part of #CreativeFutures, our programme for emerging young artists. Creative Futures enables you to reach your potential, giving you the skills, networking opportunities, studio space and professional business support you need to turn your passion into your creative career.

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