Mental health is just as important, so why aren't we talking about it? Let's have an honest discussion about mental health in the Black community: the stigmas, taboos and things that stop us from being able to access it.

Join this lively discussion which will feature CYN staff and tips on creating better mental health & well-being practices.

Friday 26th February*, 6pm-7:30pm

*Please note we have had to postpone this panel discussion from 19th Feb to the 26th Feb, due to illness.

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The panel

Emma Ako (CYN receptionist) is a creative practitioner, into grass-roots activism and lover of plants (she has over 40 of 'em!) Over the past year, Emma's activism has taken the form of encouraging Black people to partake in self care and well being practices. Her own are journaling, learning different languages and styles of dancing!

Rebecca Scott (Station manager) is passionate about community and opening up opportunity for marginalised groups. She’s also been a musician in the Bristol Reggae Orchestra for 10 years playing clarinet, singing and writing music. Rebecca is a mum to two small boys and uses her creativity within all the many hats she wears.

Asden Horton - Youth Worker

Remick Kang - Youth Worker

Remick Kang is a Wellbeing Practitioner working with children and young people experiencing mild to moderate difficulties with their mental health. She is passionate about how we create communities and environments that promote better mental health for everyone.  She loves to read and draw!

Check out Emma's video below, where she talks about why you should join this panel discussion and the importance of open conversations about mental health in the Black community:

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