Struggling with her mental health, Violet* dropped out of college. With the support of her youth worker, she slowly found her way again, overcoming barriers and gaining confidence. She is now starting her dream course and has regained her independence. 

"When I first started getting support from Creative Youth Network I was really struggling to find reasons to get out of the house. I was in a bad place and unenrolled from my 'fresh start' 6th form college due to bad attendance. I was really eager to get back into school, to learn and to become part of something again but I was afraid that would never be possible. 

That's when I was connected with Harriet. With the aim to find a way to get me back to school, find a college that fit me and access the support I would need going forward to make it stick. She helped me to feel positive about the future and encouraged me to find myself in my education.  

During our meetings she communicated on my level, making adjustments to fit my needs and sometimes having meetings outside (giving me an excuse for some much needed fresh air). Those meetings became my scaffolding, giving my life structure and support. 

We started with my interests. I love storytelling and art and creating worlds with a pencil. I love playing video games and watching people play roleplay fantasy games on the internet. I didn't even know how any of these would fit in an educational environment until Harriet found me a college that did it all. 

As we worked towards finding the right course for me, our regular meetings slowly pulling me out of the shell I had wrapped myself in so tightly, I mentioned my desire to work with other people and lo and behold the perfect opportunity arrived in the shape of a film course workshop. 

The course took place in the The Station which just so happened to be right around the corner from my prospective college. Harriet was able to show me ways around my difficulties around public transport and support me on my maiden voyage back into the real world outside. The universe lining up a practise run before the big jump. 

Although I encountered some personal issues during the course, my anxiety and my health showing their strain at the new sudden activity, it taught me my limitations and also showed me I could handle them with a little support and the right communication. 

I met new people and tried new things, relearning what it meant to meet other people my age. I learned a route that will take me to college and gained a certain level of comfortability with the commute. 

During this time I was opening back up to my friends and organising things on my own. Recognising the processes I followed with Harriet in my conversations helped me to handle rescheduling and communicating plans.  

I still struggle day to day with my mental health but that won't stop me. 

Harriet's support in the application process meant I was able to ask for the support I will need going forward in my new college. Thanks to her I got offered the unconditional place I well and truly deserved and look forward to enrolling in the nerdiest course I ever could have hoped for this august. 

Thank you, Harriet <3”

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