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Name Melissa Cooney

Age: 23

Art form: Illustration and Textiles

What made you apply for Creative Futures?

It seemed like an amazing opportunity to meet artists and have a studio space to create new and exciting work in, which I hadn’t had access to since graduating from university. Also, I thought it would be a great way to be inspired by and learn from other artists, and become part of a creative community.

Tell us about the piece of work you’re currently making.

I’m interested in exploring the different cultures and countries I identify with, and how that connects to my relationships with my friends and family. Currently, I’m creating an illustrative textiles piece inspired by photographs I’ve taken and my memories of being in Turkey with my relatives. I’m using embroidery and appliqué techniques, with a strong focus on interesting patterns and shapes, as well as objects and colours that represent the different places I’ve been and why they are important to me.

What are you most excited to do on Creative Futures?

I am excited to develop my work as a freelance artist by experimenting with techniques and ideas I have never tried before, as well as receive mentoring and meet people within the industry. I think this will help me grow as a creative practitioner and move forward in my career.

Where do you see yourself at the end of the programme?

I see myself being more confident in my creative practice to take it to a professional level, as well as going on to collaborate with other artists.

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