Hey, hey. I’m Tommy Howlett. I love animation, and I specialize in 2D animated film making. I like goofy characters and vibrant visuals, but I’m also interested in telling stories about internal problems like fear, grief, passion, love and potential. I want to push story-telling to new lengths and bring something new to the animation scene this year.

Name Tommy Howlett

Age 23

Artform 2D Animation

Why did you apply for creative futures? 

I was very fortunate to stumble upon a program which grants very good opportunities. For one, I’ve never worked freelance, let alone within the art industry, and I’ve always been curious to. Everyone here seems faithful and wanting to help you break through as an artist, and I want to make the most of that. Also, being given the space, support, and utilities to work on my dream project is unreal. And I get to showcase that work too! It’s motivating then to work on that project.

Tell us about the work you are currently making.

I’m working on a short film called ‘Afloat’: an animated film about a woman who dances across the bridge to find her long lost mother. It is based on an old true tale in 1885 where a woman named Sarah Ann Henley jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge. She survived, due to her crinoline skirt acting as a parachute and making her float. I thought this was fascinating and wanted to loosely adapt it with a story and everything.

What topics would you like to explore and why? 

I embedded the idea of grief in my film: the character wishes to reunite with her mother, but she is gone. I want to explore this because I’ve had near experiences of losing people, and I wanted to find out how one would deal with such situations. Writing and animating a scenario that, mentally, visualizes how I’m feeling about it really helps me understand my feelings and how I can deal with those feelings, when such times come.

Where do you see yourself at the end of the programme?

Hopefully finishing the film and putting it out there for the world to see. I’d love people to see it on the big screen, if possible, but if the pandemic ensues, I’m happy to show it online regardless.

Not only would I have a film I’d be proud of, but hopefully my skills of drawing, design, animation, storyboarding etc. will all improve. I want to be a better artist and be more involved in the animation and art scene.

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