I'm Giles, and I'm an entrant multi-disciplinary artist, working across visual, musical and performance art.  I'm interested in social practice, queer identity and blending art with activism.

Name Giles

Age 22

Artform Mixed media

Why did you apply for creative futures?

I applied for Creative Futures to develop my artistic practice and have the opportunity to work with other young people in a creative capacity. I’ve previously lacked the confidence and formal training to break into an artistic career, and I was looking for a practical way to define myself as an artist. I learn best when I have the space and means to experiment, and this aspect of the programme really appealed to me. I also have a project I’m very passionate about, and I wanted to find a means of diving into that. 

Tell us about the work you are currently making

I’m currently working on combining visual art and movement into performance. This is a really new area for me, having previously focused on visual art, such as photography and painting. 
Throughout this, I’m working on connecting art with community organising and activism. I’m passionate about social justice, and using creative processes to make people’s lives better. I’m aiming to make participatory work that involves creative partnerships, rather than traditional artist-subject relationships.  

What topics would you like to explore and why? 

I’m going to be exploring different young people’s experiences of queerness - particularly within the context of educational and religious institutions. I’m interested in how heteronormativity is reproduced and enforced in these contexts, and how creative processes, particularly embodied practices, allow people to embrace their chosen identities. 
My choice of topic stems from lived experience. I would like to create an opportunity for young people in Bristol to share and respond creatively to their own experiences of sexuality, gender and identity.  

Where do you see yourself at the end of the programme?

I’m aiming to create and show a performance with other young people, and curate a space for others’ work. I see myself looking back fondly at all the connections I’ve made throughout the project, and looking forward to the new avenues I’ll explore with the skills and knowledge gained. 

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