I’m a young artist who was born in Bristol and have lived in Bristol since. I studied Music Production and Sound Engineering at dBS Music Bristol. I enjoy playing live music and being in several different bands playing in the UK and around Europe. I have a strong fascination with sound and equipment that produces sound, which I use to make avant-garde pieces of music for different projects that can range from film scores to works for installation.

Name: Rory Joseph

Age: 24

Role: Trainee Creative Producing

Why did you apply for Creative Workforce for the Future?

I wanted to branch out from making my own artwork and start working on the producing aspects of the art making process. This opportunity seemed to be a great way to gain work experience and work with some amazing young artists on their projects.

Tell us a bit about your work.

I currently do mostly live music playing in 5 different active bands across Bristol and the UK. My own personal project includes designing MAX MSP patches for my own art and multi-media installation projects.

What topics would you like to explore within creative producing and why?

I am looking to further explore the logistics of planning and creating events, exhibitions and installation work. I believe this is an important part of the process of showcasing artwork and learning about this would be very useful.

What are you most excited to do on Creative Workforce for the Future?

I’m excited to be meeting new people and be working on interesting projects with young new artists. Being a part of a programme that helps young emerging artists in Bristol is important and I am excited to be a part of that.

Where do you see yourself at the end of the programme?

At the end of the programme I see myself with an understanding of what it means to be a creative producer and have experience in producing several art projects. I see myself having made connections with people and have gained the confidence to apply what I have learnt effectively to projects in the future.

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