Creative Showcase 2021

Our Creative Courses regularly bring together young people aged 11-16 from diverse backgrounds, in community settings across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. 

Creative practitioners delivered Fashion, Puppet Making, Textiles, Art and Animation courses, enabling young people to express themselves creatively. We hope you enjoy the uplifting and inspiring work you can find documented below.

Well done to every single one of you for finding inspiration and expressing yourselves and your emotions through creativity!

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This term in animation we looked at pixilate animations (which is using people in your animation) and bringing objects from around the home to life. We explored camera angles, story boarding and animating techniques. Alongside this the group worked hard to chaieve their Arts Award certifications. We hope you enjoy the films!

Harley’s stop from animation follows two characters exploring a new world through a Black Hole. 


Sireene explores the magic that can be created using animation techniques.  


Safia tried some stop frame animation inspired by the Pixar lamp character. She also learned about Lip syncing in digital animation. 


Liberty’s film clever use of set and characters brings this daily routine to life. 


Bethan’s film cleverly brings to life objects found around the home


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