Creative Youth Network’s The Station is our centrally located youth hub in heart of Bristol. Providing a safe, warm, welcoming and creative space, it is open to ALL young people and is somewhere they can be themselves.

Operating out of The Station we have a number of partner organisations providing a range of services to meet the needs of our young people that come to us with a variety of issues for which they need help. For those services that are not located in The Station, we provide fully trained, accessible, and understanding Youth Workers who are on-hand to signpost the services that young person needs, when they need it. This can range from problems in the home, alcohol or substance misuse, bullying, LGBTQIA+ issues and sometimes homelessness. The Station’s doors are open to any and all young people who find themselves in crisis.

More young people accessed the Station in 2021 than 2020


Although we did not have duty youth workers at the Station since the start of the pandemic, the States team have been logging incidents: 

There were 41 logged incidents at the Station duty log in 2021. Of those, 33 incidents related to identified young people, a total of 11 young people were linked to this incidents. 8 further incidents were related to adults or other people. 
Of the incidents involving young people, there were instances of mental health issues, young people going missing for a few hours, antisocial behaviour, young people involved in violent relationships.

We worked with 2004 young people through detached youth work in 2021, in 2020 there were 1170 and in 2019 we didn’t have a detached rota, it started during the pandemic in 2020. 


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