In 2020, Creative Youth Network acquired the adjacent building – the old Victorian Magistrates Courts. 

This (The Courts) will have been comprehensively reimagined from a place of punishment into a vibrant enterprise centre supporting disadvantaged yet talented young people aged 16-25 to overcome the barriers locking them out of the creative industries. A place where the only things that count are their abilities and talents.  

In charge of developing the space and the services that will operate out of The Courts is our very own Youth Steering Group (YSG). The YSG meet regularly each month to discuss the space and what it will look and feel like to use, ensuring it is a youth focussed and youth friendly space. 

In the past 12 months they have been extremely busy with: 

  • Designing the Boards and hoarding for the outside of the building during construction 
  • Working closely with Bristol University around the history of the site as part of its heritage project 
  • Making radio appearances to drum up support on Bristol Radio and Ujima radio stations 
  • Produced a documentary around The Courts 
  • Written blogs about their work 
  • Produced artworks 
  • Lobbied local government to secure the funding required to complete the works on the building

For more find out more:

The Courts

The Courts Youth Steering Group


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