Meet the young artists on our Creative Futures programme.

Name: Marcin

Age: 23

Art form: Intermedia

What made you apply for Creative Futures?

I applied on the project because it offers a great artist development scheme. Finding myself out of studio space I hugely compromised on the quality of my work. Creative Futures offered an amazing opportunity of being in a creative space with other artists, as well as a comprehensive program of workshops and mentoring to establish yourself as a creative entrepreneur. 

Tell us about the piece of work you’re currently making.

I am working on a project that explores our relationship to human anatomy and its aesthetics. I will be asking a question: how we approach and how well we can relate to our own matter. I want to examine the processes that occur while we are confronted with comprehensive knowledge and palpable medical material. 

I am creating an interactive piece that is going to be a fusion of performance and installation.

What are you most excited to do on Creative Futures?

I am the most excited about meeting and working with other creators, becoming a part of creative industry by facilitating workshops and developing new body of work. 

Where do you see yourself at the end of the programme?

I see myself with confidence and knowledge of tricky technical aspects of being a freelancer such as self-employment or applying for grants and other funding. 

Also, having mastered self-organisation skills, I'll be able to run my practice smoothly and multi-dimensionally. 

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