Overcoming Low Confidence and Discovering New Career Prospects – Kyle's Story

After moving to Bristol just before Covid-19, Kyle felt extremely socially isolated and had no confidence to leave the house. After working with a CYN youth worker, he was referred to West of England Works to help with his future prospects. Read more

From Debilitating Social Anxiety, to SEN Teacher – Sarah's Story

After Sarah, age 17, had a bad experience with drugs, she developed social anxiety and was terrified of leaving her home. She bravely sought help for her mental health through Vitaminds. Through video calls and counseling at CYN, she has began to socialise with friends again and studied again after missing out on her GCSEs. Read more

Creative Youth Network are here all summer long. resources

Help us support young people this summer. School provides a place of safety and support for many young people, offering free school meals, trusted adults, and access to peer support. While schools are closed many young people face a summer in isolation, Creative Youth Network are here for all young people, all summer long. Read more