Many young people choose to express themselves and face their personal issues through music. This is often deeply personal, so our Music Course is tailored to each young person, allowing them to explore but also focus on the chosen skill they want to develop. 

This course was led by Lewin, who used his skills as a musical performer to enable young people to develop new skills. As a youth worker, he also created a safe environment for everyone to express themselves. Dean assisted the course and his passion for music was greatly appreciated by the young people. Dean has also been on our Creative Futures programme which enabled him to develop his own music projects. 

Young people worked together to create music as a group, gave feedback to each other and assisted each other through skills sharing. Some wrote lyrics, others created tracks on the loop station with guitar percussion and vocals, or improved their skills with music technology. We set goals with all young people and worked together to build pathways to these goals.

As you listen to the compilation we've put together for you, maybe you'll think of a time when music and creativity touched your life. 

Congratulations to the young people who took part:

  • Alaya (14) focused on lyric writing and improving her music production. She has shared her piano playing with the group and helped others make progress with their own piano playing.
  • William (15) made great progress working in groups to create music using the loop station. He helped others with their guitar playing and held good knowledge on the course subject matter.
  • Isaac (11) is highly talented and was happy to improvise while performing and give feedback on other people's work. He also helped others with their guitar skills.
  • Lucas (12) worked mostly on his lyrics writing - his goal from session 1, managing to write many verses and share them with the tutors and the group. He also shared his new techniques, solidifying his learning and helping others. He also spent time on his production techniques.
  • Eva (14) wrote some wonderful lyrics and engaged with conversations on morality and contributed to the groups thinking on many subjects we covered.
  • Shayne-Leigh (14) is a polite and entertaining character, lifting the mood of everyone when down. He has well developed skills in music production and an ear for music. He is now the proud owner of his own guitar and produces at home.
  • Josh (15) has an open approach to music, he is happy to share his work and the group is happy to listen. His skills as a rapper and lyricist are evident in the tracks he’s shared with us. While he has learnt new skills, the value he takes away from the course are the opinions from his peers, who all hold his lyricism in high regard.
  • Otis (14) is a happy character and has one love in life... muay thai, so to take time out from a sport he loves to better his lyrical development was a declaration of commitment. He improved with his lyric writing tremendously and shared how to hit his flow with the group.
  • Ira (12) spent most of her time creating pieces on the loop station which she learnt to use really well. She helped others with guitar playing and helped direct the instrumentation within pieces they created as a group.

Special thanks to course tutor Lewin and assistant Dean. 

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