Exhibition launch

Want to meet the artists, share your own stories and get together to talk about what femininity means to you? Join us at the launch, on Friday 10th March, from 5:30-7:30pm. 

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A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene started out as a Facebook group. Inspired by Charlotte Roche’s book Wetlands – a thorough exploration of sex and private grooming – Tallulah wanted to find out if her friends were as disgusting as she suspected everyone secretly was.

They began sharing the gross “unladylike” things they privately revelled in: tentatively at first, then in a viscous, putrid outpouring of over 200 stories, hilarious and affirming in equal measure. Thanks to the honesty and openness of the contributors, the group has become more than just an outlet; it’s allowed girls to feel more comfortable about their bodily functions.

In the words of one member:

I’ve started to really enjoy going to the clinic. I LOVE talking and learning about my vagina. 

This exhibition is a selection of stories from the group, illustrated by Tallulah and designed by James Sutton.

All work is for sale, so if you'd like to purchase a piece, please email [email protected].

Tallulah Pomeroy is an illustrator and potter based in Bristol. She graduated from Falmouth university in 2014 and is the in-house illustrator for catapult.co, an online publisher. You can see her work at www.tallulahpomeroy.com 

James Sutton is a graphic designer based in London. He graduated from Falmouth University in 2013 and is currently designing books and print work for art galleries.


When? 6th March - 31st March

Where? The Station 

Time? 10am-4pm

How much? Free entry 

Should I book? No need to book, come in and enjoy the art 

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